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  • Do you supply and install the piles?

    Yes, we provide the complete package which encompasses supply, testing (if required) and installation. We can also provide grouting, sandblasting and coating if required.


  • What is your lead in time?

    The earlier you book in with us the better. This way we can ensure we have the product available for your project. Ideally we would like to know 3 weeks in advance so we can put stock aside for you.


Engineers, consents and council

  • Do I need a consent for screw piles?

    Yes, you generally need a consent as with all foundations. Screw Piles is recognised by the Auckland Council as an acceptable solution.


  • What if I already have another type of pile specified on my consent?


    Auckland Council is now accepting Screw Pile Solutions piles as an amendment to an existing building consent. 

    We will work with Geotechnical Engineers and Structural Engineers to ensure the screw pile system is correct for you. If so, making amendments to existing specifications is a relatively simple exercise for standard screw pile installation.



The design and installation

  • How deep can the pile go?

    Once we install the initial driving helix (2m pile with helix), we can keep adding onto the pile to go as deep as is required, providing there are no obstacles such as large tree roots or rocks in the way.


  • We have a difficult site to access, how far can your machinery reach?


    Whether it’s a steep bank, an ecologically sensitive area, or limited access onto the site, we have specialised equipment with a reach of up to 18m. If this is not enough, our expert team will find a solution for you.  



  • What is the lifespan of your screw piles and will they rust?

    The lifespan of our screw piles is 50 + years. This is standard practice for building consent.

    Some people are under the misconception that our screw piles are steel and will rust away. When steel is installed into the ground it is deprived of oxygen. This means that only surface rusting occurs which does not affect the structural integrity of the grade of steel. The same goes for concrete. This is why we  often install the top section of the pile in a small concrete cap - to prevent any oxygenation taking place.  If there is an exposed pile, we can advise on a coating system.


  • What Kn of pile can you provide?

    We can design piles to suit individual projects. To date we range from 2T to 100T piles.