Client: Bull O`Sullivan Architects

Location: Ponsonby, Auckland

Engineers: Project: Thorne Dwyer Engineering |Screw Piles: Markplan Consulting Ltd

Project: Apartment and Office Block |3 storey solid poured concrete structure


Screw Pile Solutions were recently called in to a commercial project that was already under construction in Ponsonby. Major foundation works had commenced, when a substantial man-made well was discovered immediately below the proposed concrete lift shaft. In addition to the concerns of the structure of the lift shaft foundations, there were serious concerns regarding the potential collapse of the adjacent wall, car park and disturbance to an existing sewer line.

Screw piling was seen as a great solution as the piles could be installed with precision and minimal ground disturbance in an extremely confined area.

Markplan Consulting Ltd was called in to design the screw pile foundation system. To start with, a temporary screw pile was installed into the centre [of the now filled] well to discover the original depth. This depth needed to be known so that we could ensure the foundation piles would go down deeper than the base of the well.

At a depth of 12.5 metres, utilising 88.9 x 6mm screw piles with a 350mm helix, 12 piles were installed adjacent the 12m well so that the concrete slab foundation of the lift shaft could be poured and tied into the screw piles.

Following the Screw Pile installation, the construction was able to continue and prevented major delays, with Project Engineers Thorne Dwyer commenting to his client and Architect: "An inspirational choice!"