Fletcher Living is currently undergoing a development in Red beach for 520 new homes. These homes are a mix of 3/4/5 bedrooms, single and two story and stand alone and terrace housing.

Screw Pile Solutions where approached in the early stages of stage one to undertake the installation of screw piles for a selection of houses with raft slab foundations and also for bridging of services beneath house slabs. This ranged from 3 piles to a full house lots of 30 odd piles.

Screw Pile Solutions were able to install at the specific house lots with minimal notice due to the earlier heads ups in the programme that we had won the project so stock was secured.

Each house foundation took a day or less. Enough Stock for 3 house lots was able to be stored on our truck on site which saved on transportation and travel costs.

We have provided a very time efficient service for for this Fletcher Living and hope that we can continue to do so throughout the project.