Screw Pile Solutions were recently engaged by Fulton Hogan to install the screw piles for temporary structures beneath the sewer line adjacent to Constellation Reserve in Rosedale for the The Northern Corridor Improvements Project.

Temporary structures have been designed beneath the overhead sewer line as a safety net in case any damage ever occurred during the works on the Western Ring Route. The two temporary structures comprise of a metal frame which is bolted to a concrete slab with screw pile foundations.

Screw piles were chosen due to their unique ability to be removed as easily as they are installed. This is a great advantage for a temporary structure. When the structure is ready to be dismantled, the concrete slab is demolished, then the piles can be simply removed from the ground as they are installed, with minimal mess or fuss.

The most important factor of this install, was being very much aware of our surrounds. We were working directly beneath the sewer line, so upmost care was taken to ensure we worked as low as possible, and kept the boom of the screw pile excavator as far as possible from the line. We were not prepared to test out the strength of the sewer line structure!

Boom and sewer line - Temporary screw pile install - Screw Pile Solutions Temporary screw piles being ground off to height - Screw Pile Solutions

Each slab has six 10-15T piles (88.9mm diameter pile with a 350mm diameter helix), providing approximately a 70T loading. The photo shows the installed piles being cut to height, ready for the concrete slab.

Testing of the piles were carried out at each location post install to ensure that the correct loadings had been achieved. All piles easily meet specified loadings. 

Weather wasn’t on our our side for this install, it made for very wet access and we looked like drowned rats, but that didn’t stop our team completing the the project within two days.

We look forward to completing further works with Fulton Hogan in the future.