Underpinning / Foundation Correction

Screw piles for subsiding foundations

Screw piles can provide a simple solution for the re-levelling of subsiding foundations. We have a unique product which has been designed to lift and support conventional slabs that have moved or post homes where timber posts have deteriorated. 

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Raft slab Piling

Extra support with screw pile foundations

As raft slabs are typically used in unstable ground conditions, screw piles offer the perfect solution for additional support. Since they can be installed to reach stable ground and attain required loadings, you know exactly the load you are achieving. Once installed, the top of the pile in encased within the raft slab ribs.

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Building Foundations

Effective alternative to traditional foundations

Screw piles can be used for foundation connections of timber, steel or concrete. The connection detail varies depending on whether you want to connect to a concrete slab, bearer or post.


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Screw pile foundations for any loading

Our screw piles can be manufactured to achieve almost any loading you require. Our manufacture has designed and installed many heavy loading piles such as 100 tonne piles for stadium floodlights. If you have a larger project you are working on, contact us today to discuss how screw piles can be a solution for you.

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Ecologically Sensitive Sites

Environmentally-friendly foundations

Screw piles have an advantage over traditional drill and pour piles as they can be installed with minimal disturbance to the environment. To date this feature has been an excellent solution for  sloping vegetated bush sites in the Waitakeres and on ecologically-sensitive shoreline habitats.


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Furniture Footings

No mess, no fuss screw pile foundations

Screw piles can come with additional lateral support fins which make them ideal for light poles, signage and other furniture footings. It is time efficient and requires minimal (or no) excavation.


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Misplaced Pile Correction

No delays with screw pile solutions

During construction timber driven piles which have deviated from their surveyed position can be rectified by installing screw piles to select positions. 

Piles an be installed within boxing and without further excavation - preventing any further hold-ups to the construction programme.

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Temporary Structures

Screw pile foundations are easy to install & remove

Screw piles are removed as quickly as they are installed. Once removed, you can barely see where they have been. We have tested piles in paddocks and gravel driveways, and the next day you can barely notice that they have been there. This is a great solution for temporary accommodation, site offices, art installations - the list goes on.


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